Meet Our Founder


Lindsay Noll, MBA

I love working with entrepreneurial, fast-paced, mission-driven companies with good people.  I report to people who have opinions about what is important and are willing to hold others accountable. I have lots of fun at work -- I bring the fun!

I believe in using data to make decisions, being creative when it comes to solving problems, trying new things, and relentlessly striving to improve processes. People are important, and they're happy to do what's asked of them if they know the goal and expectations. 

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Meet Our Head Bookkeeper


Ava Vatsky

I used to own a gourmet food company, and, like most small business owners, I wore multiple hats: sales, marketing, production, business development, and bookkeeping. To my big surprise, bookkeeping turned out to be my favorite part of running the business!  I swapped out my apron for a ledger and haven’t looked back since (but don’t worry, I still love eating).

Now I get to couple my entrepreneurial background with bookkeeping expertise to give small business owners the help they need because, let’s face it, most small business owners aren’t like me and  they don’t find bookkeeping to be their favorite part of the day! I know how hard it is to try to do everything yourself and how much better things get when your numbers are properly boxed. Not to mention how much more you will love running your business, plus life in general... :)